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How Does the Campaign Process Work?

Step 1. Select the Product You Want to Customize/Sell

Choose which apparel product you want to offer your design on.  We have over a hundred adult, youth, and ladies t-shirts, tanks, & sweatshirts available for decoration.

Step 2. Customize the Product with Text and/or Images

Add your own artwork or use our design tool to create the product that you want to offer.  Our design tool features  thousands of clipart images and hundreds of unique fonts to choose from.

Step 3. Set a Goal: Configure the Retail Price, Sales Quantitiy, Etc.

You choose how much you want to make from each sale in your campaign.  Set a sales goal and we will calculate your potential profit from the campaign.

Step 4. Configure Campaign Details: Title, Description & Length

Configure your campaign’s details by giving it a name, description, and choose the length. You can also upload your logo to promote your campaign.

Step 5. Launch the Campaign and Setup Login Details

Launch your campaign by ccreating a username and password, configuring the campaign URL, and agreeing to your terms and conditions.

Marketing Responsibilities:

Once the campaign has been launched, however, the real work begins.  You must get the word out about your campaign.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are a great place to start.  These are perfect places to drive customers to your campaign to make a purchase, as people spend a lot of time on devices these days, and especially on social media sites.

No campaign will be be successful without good marketing, and social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a highly-targeted audience.

Learn More About Print Phase Sales Campaigns

A campaign is a plan to sell a particular product over a set period of time in order to increase order quantities.  With more orders, there are less manufacturing costs per unit, lowering the business’s costs.  Those savings can be passed onto the customer or simply become a larger commission for the person or business running the campaign.  Increasing sales is one of the most important functions of marketing, and running an effective campaign is an excellent way to drive sales.

Print Phase offers a wide range of products that can be used in a campaign, but screen printed t-shirts and other apparel products are by far the most popular.  A campaign maximizes the amount of products that need printed to get the best possible price, which goes well with screen printing.  Screen printing prices are dictated by the number of print colors in the artwork and the total number of products being printed.  Running a campaign centered around screen printed products is an efficient and effective way to increase sales and lower costs, providing maximum return on investment.

Why Run a Campaign?

Campaigns are ran for a variety of reasons.  It could be a family trying to organize reunion t-shirt orders, an artist selling their artwork printed on a sweatshirt, or a nonprofit organization looking to fundraise.  Campaigns are versatile and can be created to satisfy almost any desired outcome.  Campaigns through Print Phase are 100% risk-free, and you have total control of your wholesale-to-retail price markup.  Campaigns are much simpler and take less time to set up and manage than an affiliate website, which is more of a traditional ecommerce platform.  Our campaign platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to run a successful campaign and reach your goals.

Who Should run a Campaign?

Almost anyone can run an effective campaign.  As we mentioned before, campaigns can work for someone planning an event like a reunion just as well as they can for a social media star or guru who wants to capitalize on their traffic.  Local artists and entrepreneurs launching new projects and products can both benefit from a well-run campaign.  For instance, if a restaurant wanted to create a food challenge to boost stagnant sales, a campaign would be an excellent way not only to get the word out, but to sell branded merchandise touting the challenge.  Yes, experience with computers and social media are valuable tools when running a campaign, but we honestly believe that almost anyone with a product of value can run an effective campaign.

When Do the Orders Ship?

Orders arrive roughly a week after the campaign ends.  The person running the campaign determines the length of the campaign, and then the orders are processed within a week of the campaign ending, taking 1-4 days to arrive.

Where Do the Orders Ship From?

We fulfill and ship all our orders within the United States.  Print Phase is headquartered out of Columbus, Ohio.  That puts us in the middle of the United States, population-wise, an ideal spot for shipping all over the country.  Orders are shipped through both USPS and UPS.